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    Baby Dengue’s custody case is finally resolved
    by Heidi Anicete | December 01, 2009 12:30 AM

    Finally, Melai and Jason’s out of court settlement, attended by both parties and their corresponding legal counsels, takes place inside the confession room. The first party to express its case is Jason’s; and according to his lawyers, his sole request is to have Baby Dengue’s custody every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Melai’s party gladly agrees with the opposition’s request; but aside from the said setup, they also start laying down their personal requests—including a marriage to once and for all legitimize Baby Dengue as their offspring.
    Immediately, Jason denies the marriage proposal. According to him, he still opts to prepare before plunging into the said arrangement, which Melai gladly puts into consideration. After the laying of their terms, Jason gets pretty emotional upon hearing Melai’s expression of her longing. He simply couldn’t help the tears from his eyes as the young lady reiterates every single happy moment she had with him.
    Before the session finally ends, Big Brother grants a 5-minute alone time to Melai and Jason; and there they try making up for all their lost times. Now that Melai and Jason’s pseudo-marital set up is once and for all settled, will they be able to find a way to put it into reality in the very near future? Find out by staying tuned on the latest updates of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.