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  • PBB - Fans Out There, Check This Out III

    Bagyong Issa hits the PBB house in full force
    by Stephanie Manhit | November 30, 2009 12:56 AM

    Bagyong Walay disoriented the housemates with the sudden switch of all the females in both houses. Weeks of forming a temporary family within their respective houses was put to waste, as the storm tore that bond apart and mixed everyone up. Gathering their wits to deal with new faces was no mean feat. After a week, the housemates have just begun to get a hold of their bearings, and they would again be forced to hang on tight as another big storm comes their way.
    Rob was booted out last night, which left Carol, Rica, Jason and Patrick safe in the PBB house. Rob accepted his fate with a smile, and was welcomed by his mom. Jason was teary-eyed, overwhelmed by the support shown him by the people. Carol was not without surprise either, as she feared that the support would die down after several nominations. Patrick felt he was saved because the people believed he still has a lot to offer, as did Rica, who was happy to be granted an extended stay. Despite the disparaging remarks made by Rocky and a few others, Rica was not discouraged. Instead, she took this as a challenge and looked forward to developing a bond with Rocky. She started right away by engaging the newbie in a comic exchange, with the help of Melai and Carol.
    After the drama of eviction night died down, Kuya asked the housemates to come in the confession room individually. It was not the typical nomination process though, as they were asked to give the names of two housemates from the other house. They were again gathered in the living room to openly discuss their votes and reasons, after which they were given the chance to change their votes. Their reasons for nominations were either strategic or personal, and Johan, Kath, Rocky and Rica were chosen as the final bets for nomination.
    When some have already heaved a sigh of relief and others have started to rethink their moves to avoid eviction, a second storm hit the PBB house. The quiet of the past week was just a reprieve, and if the first storm was disorienting, Bagyong Issa left all the housemates vulnerable and in doubt. For the first time in PBB history, all 15 housemates are up for eviction, no exemptions. Vote to evict is what Bagyong Issa brings, and all the housemates are hit. No one is safe, no one is held above the others. Be warned. Your vote is a vote to kick out a housemate, and not to save them.
    Who no longer deserves an extended stay inside Kuya’s house? Will your vote be a strategic move or a well-deserved kick for bad behavior? It’s entirely your call, Kapamilya. The polls are now officially open to receive your votes. Text BB (housemate’s name) and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. You may also vote online via www.pinoybigbrother.com/vote. Keep in mind that your vote is a vote to evict, so vote wisely.