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    Blocks are set left and right for the Melai-Jason and Carol-Hermes tandems
    by Stephanie Manhit | December 03, 2009 6:59 PM

    “Blockbuster” is the name of the last game of this week’s “O-versus” task. In this game, each housemate was given 3 minutes to solve the puzzle, where horizontal blocks can only move left and right while vertical blocks can only move up and down. Physical prowess counted for next to nothing, as this was a test of wit and logic. Though they were given freedom to pick their players, no coaching was allowed. Paul Jake served as the referee to even out the numbers, and was given the responsibility to keep time. Sam, who was familiar with the concept of the game, was the best bet of House A and she did not disappoint. Math goddess Rica taught her teammates strategies on how to win the game, and constantly kept her housemates in awe with her intellect.

    The game was not the only one with blocks in it. Carol, who was admittedly smitten with Hermes despite earlier clashes, found Cathy a hindrance to a possible relationship with Hermes. She could not help but react to the obvious closeness of the two, and was quite vocal in a roundabout way. Her reactions were not lost on Cathy and Hermes, though. They noticed the way Carol would shy away or react negatively whenever they were together. Cathy brought this up to Melai and Rica, who tried to remain neutral about the issue. Carol tried to mask her feelings by joining in with whatever kept the other girls busy, and for some time, it proved effective. Comments would slip out every now and then, though, like the time Melai was taking care of Dengue and asked Ninang Carol to carry the stuffed seal that was dengue’s playmate. Carol refused to do so, claiming that she didn’t like its smell. Truth was, her aversion was more due to the fact that the toy was Kätlin’s, and she was Hermes’ love interest at some point.

    Also blocked was the almost-blossoming Melason tandem. During a conversation with Kuya, Jason admitted that he missed Melai. Without her, he found himself sluggish and with considerably low energy. For him, Melai was more than just a best friend. Likewise, Melai was called into the confession room and was asked what Dengue symbolized for her. Her child kept her inspired, she said, as he reminded her of Jason. She definitely felt something for him, though she wasn’t sure how Jason regarded her. To her surprise, Kuya backed out on his agreement to let Melai and Jason spend time together. On the contrary, they were not allowed to communicate with each other; no smiles, no handshakes. Was this was part of the stress that pushed Jason to relieve himself in a plastic bucket in the activity area?

    Know more about Jason’s feelings about Melai tonight on PBB Double Up Primetime! This weekend proves to an exciting one, with the merge on Saturday and the evictions on Sunday. Chat with Rob and Patria tomorrow on chat.abs-cbn.com at 4:00 pm (Manila time) and don’t forget to cast your votes. Text BB and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless landline or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. You may also vote online via www.pinoybigbrother.com/vote. Keep in mind that this is a vote to evict, so vote for the housemate that you don’t like to stay!