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  • Basic Hacking Part V - Evil Genius Tip # 3

    Evil genius tip: Want to mess with io.sys or logo.sys? Here's how to get into them. And, guess what, this is a great thing to learn in case you ever need to break into a Windows computer -- something we'll look at in detail in the next section.

    Click "Start" then "Programs" then "MS-DOS." At the MS_DOS prompt enter the commands:


    Now they are totally at your mercy, muhahaha!

    But don't be surprised is MSPaint can't open either of these files. MSPaint only opens graphics files. But io.sys and logo.sys are set up to be used by animation applications.

    OK, that's it for now.  You 31337 hackers who are feeling insulted by reading this because it was too easy, tough cookies. I warned you. But I'll bet my box has a happier hacker logon graphic than yours does. K-Rad Doomsters of the apocalypse, yesss!