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    In St. Benedict And In Life
    By Anonymous
    In St. Benedict, classes start at 7:30.
    In Life, examination starts after college.

    In St. Benedict, recess starts at 10:00.
    In life, you may eat any time you want… That is if you have anything to eat.

    In St. Benedict, you should always wear your pin and id.
    In life, you should always wear your profession.

    In St. Benedict, you cannot take the exams without pin and id.
    In life, it’s hard to take the examination without wearing profession. for the society will always discriminate you.

    In St. Benedict, teachers transfer from one room to the other.
    In life, you should find your teacher.

    In St. Benedict, if you’re not listening, not paying attention, not doing your seatworks and home works, the teachers will scold you.
    In life, if you don’t do everything it takes to live, you, yourself… will pay the price.

    In St. Benedict, if you don’t have a pen, the teacher will shout, "is there anyone of you who has extra pen?"
    In life, if you’re not well-equipped, even if you cry, even if you die, nobody will help you.

    In St. Benedict, only teachers guide you during exams.
    In life, each and everyone in the society watches and guards every of your move.

    BOTH St. Benedict and life have long and hard examinations. St. Benedict may have one hundred, two hundred, or three hundred items but in life there maybe millions of them.

    In St. Benedict, if you fail, the teacher might give you a second chance.
    In life, there’s no retake.

    In St. Benedict, pieces of garbage are put in the trash can.
    In life, if you’re not good enough, people might dump you into trash.

    In St. Benedict, there’s Sir Raymon - one who give you hard and gruesome exams
    In life there will be more Sir Raymons, people who’ll give you hard time living but in St. Benedict, Sir Raymon smiles at you at the end of the day… but in life, those Sir Raymons won’t even try looking at you.

    In St. Benedict, there’s Ma’am Kristina, she’ll teach you the laws of physics and why and how it happens.
    In life there will be more Ma’am Kristinas telling you the laws, but not explaining you the why’s and the how’s.

    In St. Benedict, there is Sir Kris, sometimes you can’t understand.
    In life, there will be more Sir Kris giving you hard time comprehending them
    but in St. Benedict, Sir Kris will try to explain what you don’t understand with simpler words but in life, those Sir Kris will never ever care if you understand them or not.

    In St. Benedict, there’s Sir Jerome someone who tells you the solutions to the math problems.
    In life, there’s no Sir Jerome, you’ll have to find or create the solutions to your problem.

    In St. Benedict, there’s Sir Emil you only meet him once a week.
    In life, there will be more Sir Emils, you only meet them once in your life, it’s you to you whether you remember or forget them.

    In St. Benedict, there’s thesis, you create you title to have the thesis defense.
    In life there’s a harder thesis, you have to defend you dignity before creating a title for yourself.

    In St. Benedict, teacher’s will always remind you… "15 minutes, 10 minutes left, 5 minutes… a minute to go".
    In life, nobody will and nobody can tell you when, the examinations ends.

    And lastly…

    In St. Benedict, right after the exams you’ll know whether you pass or fail
    In life, sometimes, the fact that you’re living is a sign that you passed, or you’ll never have the chance to know you’re a failure, only that you’re final grade is written in your grave.

                                                                                                 Power Hugged`Sir Kris
    Stolen From Jermayne's Corner